About us

VeggieFresh Producers Group was founded in 2011. It was created thanks to vegetable producers cooperating. It currently has 7 vegetable producers. Members of the group operate in the area. about 1300 ha. VeggieFresh is one of the largest vegetable producers in the region.

Producers grow vegetables in two provinces: Lubelskie and Podkarpackie province. The company has a base storage and sorting in the Podkarpackie province and storage base in the Lubelskie province. The Group is responsible for the whole cycle from production through storage, sorting, packing to delivery to customers.

We offer for sale high-quality vegetables for the purpose of market retail, wholesale, export and processing. We prepare and pack the vegetables according to the demand of consumers.

VeggieFresh provides consumers with healthy, fresh vegetables straight from the field.

The activities of the Producer VeggieFresh are focused on the implementation of tasks:

  • Production planning and adapting it to the needs of the market, especially in terms of quality and quantity
  • Improvement of the quality of production.
  • The development of marketing channels and sales strategies
  • Promotion